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Product divisions

Prefabricated concrete and technological solutions for Livestock, Construction and Environment.

Livestock Farming

We carry out projects for the construction and equipping of livestock and agricultural farming:

  • Livestock Breeding Porcines
  • Pig Gestation Livestock Buildings
  • Pig Maternity Livestock Buildings
  • Pig Weaning Livestock Buildings
  • Bovine Livestock Buildings
  • Equipment For Vineyards And Orchards
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We offer solutions for the construction of public works and housing, for drainage of water and industrial and residential fencing.

  • Architectural elements:
    Copings, flashings, gargoyles and lintels
  • Drainage Systems:
    Polymer concrete drainage channels and grids
  • Fencing Systems:
    Reinforced precast concrete modular fence.
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We make prefabricated constructive parts for industrial and residential use.Architectural elements, drainage systems and fences.

  • Slabs for Aeration and Biofiltration
  • Slabs for Purification and Filtration of residual water
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