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Quite a history: the artisanal elaboration of precast concrete to technological solutions.

Tradition, Strength & Innovation

The tradition of a company founded in the 60s, with great experience in the field. The strenght of the applied materials, of a close team and of a solid brand. And finally, the innovation of a leading company in the field who looks ahead in the future with clear goals and a great will to improve and innovate.

More than 50 years of experience

We are a family business founded in the mid-60s that has adapted to the new demands of the market over the years and generations. From the almost artisan elaboration of custom made pieces of concrete in the first factory in Almacelles (Lleida), giving way to the mass production of precast elements in the following factories that were set up in Altorricón (Huesca). The industrialization of the production process has resulted in Prefabricados Ojefer S.L. being a pioneer in its sector and a benchmark in the market.

New sectors

Our first precast products were directed to Livestock for the construction of buildings for pigs with products such as pillars, beams, floors with grates and stable partitions and doors. Knowledge of the production process and the many solutions offered by our materials have allowed us to adapt to other sectors and complete projects in Construction and Industry or Environment, both nationally and internationally.

Technological solutions

The advancement of technology and our interest in growing in parallel to this technology allows us to be in a continuous process of innovation in the design and development of new products, projects and industrial processes. Not only that, but we are also integrating Technological Solutions, with increasingly advanced technologies to improve efficiency within our projects.

New markets

We wanted our production model and knowledge developed with experience to strengthen other companies, so in 2008 we launched Ojefer Technology Transfer. This project allows international investors to commit to implementing production plants for reinforced concrete for the production of precast pieces.

Technology Transfer