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Tradition, Strength & Innovation

Ojefer, a line of concrete products and key technological systems to ensure the development and profitability of companies.

Ojefer divisions

We develop our activity in the agricultural and livestock, construction and industrial, and environmental sectors.

Livestock Farming

Structural elements, interior fittings, feeding systems and liquid manure treatment.

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We make prefabricated constructive parts for industrial and residential use. Architectural elements, drainage systems and fences.

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We incorporate our elements for the construction of composting systems,

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For over fifty years we have kept pace with market needs in the manufacture of precast concrete, first applied to the livestock sector and later in other productive sectors.

Our experience and state of continuous improvement have enabled us to develop the ability to anticipate future demands and market new products and systems that improve productivity in our three sectors.

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Ojefer Products

Our products are present in projects for equipping livestock buildings, industrial sites, public buildings and housing, as well as recycling plants and waste and water treatment plants.

Our raw material is concrete, both reinforced and polymer, which we combine with other materials to improve their technical characteristics and extend the possibilities of use.

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Ojefer Services

We develop and market products that adapt to and anticipate the needs of our customers, that is why we have our own R&D technical department.

We ensure the maximum functionality and efficiency of our projects, which is why we plan them as a whole, carrying out design, production, distribution and installation tasks.

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Technology Transfer

We offer our experience.

We want to share knowledge and technology for development and production of precast concrete and thus support the creation of new production plants worldwide.

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